Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tomatoes and Denim

Shirt: Good Will
Shorts: TJ Maxx
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

The other day I made that post about fall fashion and I mentioned denim shirts and colored jeans looked great together. Well this morning I decided I couldn't wait and I wore my short sleeve denim shirt with my colored shorts. It's kind of like a summer version of the fall look. A little while ago I bought this denim shirt from Good Will but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to wear it. I finally came to the decision to bleach it so it wasn't such an ugly color and the fabric wasn't as stiff. Today I put it on and realized it looked shapeless so I tied a knot at the bottom to give it more shape. I'm surprised on how much I love the look. The shoes I'm wearing are the other pair of shoes I got at Payless. These were only 3.50. A pretty good deal if you ask me. I really like how the shoes have a denim look to them but the color of it is different from the shirt so it doesn't clash. My neighbor is away and they said that we could pick and eat the tomatoes growing in the garden. So I'm eating tomatoes at every meal. Good thing I love them so much. 


  1. Green and denim has always been one of my favorite combinations!
    I also love the sunflowers :)


    1. Me too! They look so great together! Sunflowers are also one of my favorite flowers.