Monday, August 13, 2012

Shirt Bows

Earrings: Delias
Shirt: 344
Belt: JC Penny
Sun Glasses: Italy
Bag: tag sale
Shorts: Delias

I love shirts with bows on them. I think they are so cute and I wanted one for a long time. I few weeks ago I stumbled across this shirt on sale at 344. I love the contrast between the black bow and the light pink color of the shirt. Also the shirt is all sheer witch made me love it even more. Also the shirt was only 10 dollars! The belt is a really neon pink and I really like how it shows up underneath shirt. The bag is my favorite one out of all of them I own. And I found it in a free box at a tag sale. It really is amazing what kind of treasures you can find at a tag sale. The bag goes with everything that's only o of the reason I love it so much. Hope you had a great Monday. 


  1. I feel like my wardrobe is distinctly lacking a shirt with a bow. (Also, I approve of your free find, there. Hehe.)