Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Little Mini Vacation

I'm at the beach and I was just swimming in the ocean. After swimming I got the idea to try to get a tan. It was an extremely stupid idea. I'm Irish and and pale. (in case you haven't noticed) And I don't tan.  I lied in the sun for maybe 15 or 20 minutes just to get a bad sunburn.

Dress: Target 
Shoes: Amazon
Earrings: Tag sale (unfortunately I lost one somewhere in the ocean)
Vera Bradley Wristlet 

We went down to the town and there was a pretty sunset with boats. Across the street there was these boutiques I had fun window shopping with my mom. We each ended buying one thing, pretty little rings for 99 cents each. They were made out see shells. 

There was this pretty waterfall outside my hotel. I couldn't resist taking pictures outside of it. I love Ivy and vines I think it's so pretty. I blame it on Madeline. Does anyone remember those books? They always started out with:

"In an old house in Paris
 That was covered with vines
 Lives twelve little girls
 In two straight lines."

I loved those books when I was little. 

There was also a beautiful fountain that flowed in to the waterfall. Also made for great photos.

Sunglasses: Italy
Shirt: Kohl's 
Shorts: Burlington Coat Factory
Necklace: Delias 

Here's a lovely flower, I love how the color is so bright. That's pretty much my entire vacation. It was just a one night stay in a hotel. It was very enjoyable though. Hope you had a great day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tomatoes and Denim

Shirt: Good Will
Shorts: TJ Maxx
Belt: Target
Shoes: Payless

The other day I made that post about fall fashion and I mentioned denim shirts and colored jeans looked great together. Well this morning I decided I couldn't wait and I wore my short sleeve denim shirt with my colored shorts. It's kind of like a summer version of the fall look. A little while ago I bought this denim shirt from Good Will but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to wear it. I finally came to the decision to bleach it so it wasn't such an ugly color and the fabric wasn't as stiff. Today I put it on and realized it looked shapeless so I tied a knot at the bottom to give it more shape. I'm surprised on how much I love the look. The shoes I'm wearing are the other pair of shoes I got at Payless. These were only 3.50. A pretty good deal if you ask me. I really like how the shoes have a denim look to them but the color of it is different from the shirt so it doesn't clash. My neighbor is away and they said that we could pick and eat the tomatoes growing in the garden. So I'm eating tomatoes at every meal. Good thing I love them so much. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Must Haves

*These are all just my opinion*

1. Denim Tops
Denim shirts and denim jackets are both must haves for this fall. They look great with colored jeans or leggings with boots. You can wear denim tops with almost anything.

Denim shirt

 Denim jacket

2. Scarves
All kinds of scarves are in style for fall. I really love light weight scarves or "summer" scarves for fall, like the first one. I also love big circle knit scarves. They are so comfy on those cold day. Lastly I love regular scarfs in solid colors for a nice pop. I have some light wight scarves and some solid colored scarves but I don't have any circles scarves. Sometimes though I take my black body con skirt and put it around my neck. It fools everyone. But don't tell anyone. 

Light weight scarf

Knit Circle Scarves

Solid Colored Scarves 

3. Riding Boots
I love riding boots. I find them so cute and look great with leggings a long top and a scarf. They also look great with tights and a dress. They are another item that look great with anything. Sadly I don't own any riding boots. I have a pair of suede boots but they are more slouchy. I'm still searching for a cute pair of flat riding boots that are affordable. 

4. Flats
I love flats. They are so cute and come in so many colors and designs. They look fabulous with a pair of jeans (skinny or flare) and they also look great with a dress or skirt. I have so many flats i'm kind of addicted. 

5. Colored jeans
I love colored jeans. They are cute and fun. I love wearing them with a simple shirts. Black and white or denim. You can color block with colored jeans too but personal I find it hard to do. Some color combinations look great together and other not so much. You have to be careful when you do it. 

6. Sheer Tops
I love sheer tops and I have a handful of them. I think they are so cute and stylish I can't wait for fall so I can wear them. I really love button down ones or ones with nice details. Their are different levels of sheerness there are slightly sheer shirts to really sheer. I love them all. 
Slightly sheer shirt

Extremely sheer shirt

How To Wear

Denim Tops:


Riding Boots:


Colored Jeans: 

Sheer Tops:

 That's just some ways you can wear each item. There are many more trends I'm excited for fall but those were just my top six. I did a similar post about fall a little while ago but it was nearly as extended as this one. Here it is Anyway I hope you enjoyed and found my post helpful. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shirt Bows

Earrings: Delias
Shirt: 344
Belt: JC Penny
Sun Glasses: Italy
Bag: tag sale
Shorts: Delias

I love shirts with bows on them. I think they are so cute and I wanted one for a long time. I few weeks ago I stumbled across this shirt on sale at 344. I love the contrast between the black bow and the light pink color of the shirt. Also the shirt is all sheer witch made me love it even more. Also the shirt was only 10 dollars! The belt is a really neon pink and I really like how it shows up underneath shirt. The bag is my favorite one out of all of them I own. And I found it in a free box at a tag sale. It really is amazing what kind of treasures you can find at a tag sale. The bag goes with everything that's only o of the reason I love it so much. Hope you had a great Monday. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hearts And Butterflies


Heart Sunglasses: Claires 
White Shorts: Burlington Coat Factory
Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: JC Penny
Ear Cuff: Icing 
Shoes: Payless 

I bought these sunglasses not that long ago and I love them! I've been wearing them every day. I love hearts and with the red they are just adorable. I also love black lace and I was excited when I found this shirt at forever 21,  Something that I love about the shirt that it has butterflies all over it. I'm also obsessed with wear black and white with a pop of color. This outfit is an excellent example of the obsession. Ear cuffs are something else that I love. If you are looking for them, icing as tons of different kinds at very reasonable prices too. today was a great day, I drove for the first time ever. It was in a empty parking lot but still it was exciting. I hope you had a great day too. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

The other night was the last show of the summer production of Bye Bye Birdie. It was a great musical and I had loads of fun. Here are just some of the pictures of all the fun.

One of the rehearsals before the stage and costumes. You can see me in the back with my hands over my mouth and i'm standing next to my other friend, also the girl hugging Conrad Birdies leg is another friend. 

Here's me and some friends in costumes waiting for the show to start. The two girls on the left played teens in the show while the girl sitting on my right and I played adults. 

We are stilling waiting for the show to start and taking pictures in the mirror each with our own cameras. 

 Side profile of me 

 rehearsing the song one last kiss, for the shows we had choir robes so this was just a dress rehearsal. You can see me right behind Conrad Birdie on the platform. 

The very end of the show doing bows. That's Hugo falling and Mama standing next to him. I'm not in this picture. 

Also on Friday I got my Learners Permit. I can drive now! I'm just so excited and believe it or not but my foot is still not healed. But it will be healed very soon. Also I can't believe it's August already but I'm still enjoying my summer hope you are too.