Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Must Haves

*These are all just my opinion*

1. Denim Tops
Denim shirts and denim jackets are both must haves for this fall. They look great with colored jeans or leggings with boots. You can wear denim tops with almost anything.

Denim shirt

 Denim jacket

2. Scarves
All kinds of scarves are in style for fall. I really love light weight scarves or "summer" scarves for fall, like the first one. I also love big circle knit scarves. They are so comfy on those cold day. Lastly I love regular scarfs in solid colors for a nice pop. I have some light wight scarves and some solid colored scarves but I don't have any circles scarves. Sometimes though I take my black body con skirt and put it around my neck. It fools everyone. But don't tell anyone. 

Light weight scarf

Knit Circle Scarves

Solid Colored Scarves 

3. Riding Boots
I love riding boots. I find them so cute and look great with leggings a long top and a scarf. They also look great with tights and a dress. They are another item that look great with anything. Sadly I don't own any riding boots. I have a pair of suede boots but they are more slouchy. I'm still searching for a cute pair of flat riding boots that are affordable. 

4. Flats
I love flats. They are so cute and come in so many colors and designs. They look fabulous with a pair of jeans (skinny or flare) and they also look great with a dress or skirt. I have so many flats i'm kind of addicted. 

5. Colored jeans
I love colored jeans. They are cute and fun. I love wearing them with a simple shirts. Black and white or denim. You can color block with colored jeans too but personal I find it hard to do. Some color combinations look great together and other not so much. You have to be careful when you do it. 

6. Sheer Tops
I love sheer tops and I have a handful of them. I think they are so cute and stylish I can't wait for fall so I can wear them. I really love button down ones or ones with nice details. Their are different levels of sheerness there are slightly sheer shirts to really sheer. I love them all. 
Slightly sheer shirt

Extremely sheer shirt

How To Wear

Denim Tops:


Riding Boots:


Colored Jeans: 

Sheer Tops:

 That's just some ways you can wear each item. There are many more trends I'm excited for fall but those were just my top six. I did a similar post about fall a little while ago but it was nearly as extended as this one. Here it is Anyway I hope you enjoyed and found my post helpful. 

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