Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

First off for the outfit I wore today:

Blazer: Good Will (Originally from Forever 21) Blazer in Fall Haul
Scarf: Old Navy
Shirt: Bobs
Jeans: Delias
 Bracelets: Craft Fair, Claires, and Delias

Today was a day off from school because some of the schools in my town were out of power. Tomorrow I’m going back though for a 2 day week then the weekend again. Luckily I made it through this storm without losing power at all. It ended up being a nice little (much needed) vacation. I hope everyone who wasn’t as lucky as my town are safe and are doing fine.  Today I hung out with friends. It was a nice relaxing day. I really love the days that you have nothing going on and no were to be so you can just chill. But then at night....

Then my Halloween Costume: 

I was a taco and my dog was a turtle.

I ended up going to Chipotle with the people above. We all dressed up in costumes to get the 2 dollar meal that Chipotle was offering. It was tons of fun. I was a cannibal because I was dressed as a taco and eating a taco.  The taco was pretty good. That was my first time going to Chipotle and I was pretty impressed. I’m picky when it comes to tacos so it was surprising that I liked it so much. The costume is homemade by the way. hope you had a happy/scary halloween. 

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