Sunday, August 18, 2013

Obnoxiously Pink

Cardigan: Consignment Store
Shorts: Goodwill
Belt: Platos Closet
Tank Top: Ocean State Job Lot

Here is the tank top that is hot pink that I bought from Ocean State Job Lot for only like $4 that I talked about a few days ago. It's a little crazy but I still like it. 
For the two year anniversary of Ridiculously Red, I decided to do a synonym  of some sort. You see instead of Ridiculously it's Obnoxiously and instead or Red it's Pink. They are kind of similar but still different. (Not really a synonym, but I hope you see where I'm going with it.) 
Anyway two years ago exactly I sat down at this very computer and created this blog. In those two years my style (and my photography) skills got a lot better. I have also changed a lot as a person. I feel like I came a long way since then and I grew a lot (even though my followers haven't. *cough* *cough*)
Anyway I hope you enjoy your Sunday (those of you who read this crummy blog)

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