Sunday, December 2, 2012

15 for 15 Challenge

I decided to try the 15 for 15 Challenge. It’s where you chose 15 items of clothing and only wear them for 15 days. if you want more details check out Kendi Everyday. She was the one who had the idea but   she did 30 for 30. I thought that was a little ambitious for me so I made it smaller. I did cheat a little and I’m not counting earrings or belts. I’m only planing on wearing one pair of earrings and one or two belts. I figured it was okay. Here are my 15 items:

Two pairs of Pants:
(Left to Right)
Consignment Store, Target

Two Skirts:
(I guess I like black and blue)
Both are from TJ Maxx

4 shirts
Good Will, TJ Maxx, HM, Consignment Store

3 Cardigans
Consignment Store, Good Will, Good Will

2 Other:
Tights: TJ Maxx, Scarf: Kohls

2 Pairs of Shoes:
Riding boots: Equestrian Center,  Flats: Target

For the next 15 days (starting tomorrow) I will try to take pictures everyday. If you want to try this challenge, then leave a comment. 

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