Thursday, November 22, 2012


When I first started this blog, I thought of it as a way so show off the items in my closet. I admit the clothes I have aren’t expensive and some of them aren’t the cutest things ever.  I was excited to show people what I have but I did not think of this blog as showing off my style. Sometimes my style showed through in what I was wearing but I would get dressed for the blog. I would choose an outfit to post it while I probably wouldn’t wear it out in public. Today was a half-day and I spent the entire day ‘cleaning’ up this blog and my closet. I deleted a ton of pictures and a few posts that I feel aren’t my style or something that I wouldn’t wear. Now I feel that all the post reflect on my personal style better and what I wear. Instead of this being a “look what I own’’ blog and I’m transforming it in to a “my style” blog.  But what made me suddenly come to this decision?

Well the other night I was procrastinating on homework by surfing the net. I stumbled across this blog What Would A Nerd Wear The girl who ran the blog said she was done and there won’t be any new post. That didn’t stop me reading her blog. I was looking through blog post after post and I noticed how wearable her style was and that I really liked it. I also noticed that she wears the same items of clothing all the time but just in different ways. She shows different ways to wear each item. It really got me thinking weather or not I would be able to make so many different outfits using the same clothes. I want my blog to look more like her blog. With what I wear just about everyday.

Anyway I continued reading until I can to this post.  What Would a Nerd Wear 30 for 30 it’s about choosing 30 items and only wearing those 30 items for the next 30 days. I was interested and eventually I found the girl’s blog whose idea it was to start to 30 for 30 challenge. Kendi Everyday The reason for this challenge it to get to know your wardrobe better and having more outfit ideas. I though this just what I need to do because to be honest I’m running out of outfits besides shirt and jeans. My fix for that problem is to go shopping but it never seems to help. Instead to going shopping I need to brainstorm outfit ideas. And use what I have instead of buying new stuff.  Today I took all the clothes I owned and I speared them all over my floor. Then I went through every single thing and decided weather or not it should stay in my wardrobe. I cleaned out over 30 items. That’s a pretty good amount of clothes for me to part with. My goal is to love every single thing I have in my closet and have multiple ways to wear each item. I want to try the 30 for 30-day challenge but if you read the rules of the Kendi Everyday you will realize that the rules are kind of strict.  You aren’t allowed to go shopping for those 30 days. (Which will be good for me) and coats and shoes and any other accessory count. If I do the challenge I will do my own form for it. Instead of doing 30 for 30 I might try 14 for 14 or something like that. What do you think of this idea? Let me know if you read this entire post and if you want to try the challenge too.

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