Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fake Or Real

Shirt: Good Will
Shorts: Delia's 
Belt: Claire's
Necklace Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Ring: Plato's Closet

I love those shoes to deaf, and unfortunately from what you can probably tell from the pictures is that those shoes really are falling apart. I don't care that they are ripping I'm going to wear them until there isn't anything left. Anyway I found this shirt at Good Will the other day when I was shopping there with my mom. (If you want to see a back to school haul, tell me. I do shop other places beside consignment and thrift places I swear.) I love this shirt, which kind of surprises me because I never thought that I looked good in red. I guess I was always trying the wrong shades.  On to the bag.  A few years ago I bought this bag in a consignment store not knowing anything about besides the fact that I liked it and it was cheap. Then a few months ago I was watching a youtube video and someone was talking about Louis Vuitton and I thought I have a bag that has the same print as that. So I looked at my bag and saw Louis Vuittons name on the inside. So now my question is do you think it's a real one or a fake one. By the way the strap was ripped off when I bought it. That's probably why is was at the store in the first place. (it's also probably worthless now because of the strap, but I don't care) Either way if it's fake of real I love it. Hope everyone had a great weekend. 


  1. That blouse looks really nice! :) x

  2. to me the bag looks like real LV. There should be articles and maybe videos about how to find out if it´s real or not. But it has some kind of number (or a date) so it looks real. That is a really good find! :) I wish I could thrift something like that :)

    1. Oh thanks! I will have to check out the videos and articles. I love thrifting so much and i do it way to much.